Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moving Along!

Things are moving right along!  I have my trip plans to the clinic for my screening, we are going beginning of Nov.  Best part?  My IP's are coming to get his screening done same time - So we all get to meet in person!!!

This will be our first flight, first trip to NYC, first visit to a fertility clinic to discuss becoming pregnant with someone elses baby!!  So exciting!

I've also just received the first draft of contracts,  morbid having to think of every single thing that could go wrong, but it is necessary to cover every base.  So, contracts should be done before too long as well!

Started birth control pills today, first step of meds - kinda.  We have to synch up our cycles to be able to transfer at the optimal time and this is part of how they will do that.  Yay!

That is all for today, I'm putting a pretty picture of the horses on here - just for the hell of it :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

I am officially MATCHED!!!

After obsessing over each others profiles and an awkward first blind date via SKYPE, I am officially matched with a lovely couple from Sweden!  They are awesome and I can't wait to help make them parents.

Next steps are contracts and  flying to CT for my medical screening at New England Fertility.  It is moving along now and if everything goes smoothly (and I get pregnant first try)  we should be welcoming their baby by the end of next year!

In other news, Sadie had a nice birthday party on Saturday, and we all had a great time at the Pittsburgh Zoo yesterday despite getting rained on.  The weather ended up being perfect after the little downpour so it all worked out.

I go back to work Thursday so I have a few more days off :)  Haven't really got a lot done on my vacation, been super lazy, but oh well.  Tomorrow Dane has flag football practice so that will be fun !

Well that is it for an update, I just really wanted to let everyone know that I have IP's that I will be having a baby for (they only want to try for one).  I don't want to say too much about them to respect their privacy but they really are two intelligent, educated people who will make fantastic parents!  Circle really does know how to match people up :)

Till next time..