Friday, May 17, 2013

Its a GIRL!

My 20 week ultrasound went great on Tuesday.  We've got a healthy looking little one in there!  I had the tech write the gender down and put it in an envelope then hurried home to call K & H on Skype.  We were all so surprised and excited to find out they are having a sweet baby girl!!  We all thought she was a boy, Dane was the only one to say girl, because I was so sick.  I guess girls really do make me sick ;)

Next appointment in a month, I'll get orders to get the rhogam shot since I am Rh -  then after that Gestational Diabetes test at some point.  Weight gain is looking good, I am up 10 pounds from prepregnancy.  I predict a total gain of 30-35 pounds max.  ( I gained 45 with Sadie - eek!)

So everything is moving along nice and smooth, lets hope that it continues.  Little She Swede needs to stay calm and wait about 4 1/2 more months till she is allowed to move out!

Friday, April 26, 2013



I know I haven't kept this up, but life gets in the way I guess.  The pregnancy is going very well, nice and boring :)  I am 17 weeks 4 days today!  I randomly feel a thump from the baby but nothing regular yet, I have a doppler at home so I check the heartbeat at least once a week.  Always good and strong and very easy to find now. 

I am not sick anymore!!!  That lovely all day miserableness stopped at about 14 weeks.  Oh yeah, the NT scan results came back completely normal, and I did bloodwork for the second tri screening on Tuesday. 
Next appointment is scheduled for May 14th and it is a big one!  The 20 week anatomy scan where we will finally know if this is a boy baby or girl baby!!  So exciting :)

Really hard to believe that I am so close to the halfway mark.  Seems like we were just getting ready to go to CT to get knocked up, now here we are!

In other news my son has kindergarten graduation on May 31st (What!!)  and Sadie is as crazy as ever.  Oh yeah and our dog was shot by the asshole neighbor on the 15th..  I guess Walker was harassing his chickens, legally he is in the right, morally he's an asshat who shot to kill a family pet instead of coming to talk to us about the problem.  I would have paid him for damages!  Anyway Walker amazingly is going to be just fine, he is actually good as new already.  X-rays showed the bullet went through his back right under his spine, missed all vitals, and out the other side.  So yeah, just another day, lol.. :)

Hope everyone out there in blog land is doing well!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

11 weeks

I can pretty much sum up the past 4 weeks.  Wake up exhausted, spend the day feeling either very hungry or very naseaus, sometimes at the same time (what kind of hell is that?), struggle to be semi productive, then pass out at night and repeat the next day. 

But now things are looking up!  Spring is in the air, my energy seems to be returning and I'm not sick much anymore!!!!  Also yesterday was my very last day of Meds, I am drug free in 2013!  The baby was looking great 2 weeks ago when we got a peek, and I was released from New England Fertility Institute last week.  So now I am under the care of my OB's and am just a normal pregnant girl! (yeah right) :)

Next up is the NT scan aka first trimester screening on Friday.  I have to go down to Magee's Hospital for this one.  Just hoping all is normal.  After that I have a regular prenatal appointment on the 20th then I won't have to see a Dr. again for a whole MONTH!  I have been to an appointment once a week since early Dec, so that will be a nice break.

I have only gained a couple pounds and not showing yet really.  My work pants are getting a little tighter though.  Since transfer, I have drank almost no soda at all, no sugary coffee, and haven't been eating junk food. 

Well I will update after the scan on Friday, and I'll get a belly shot on here then too.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ultrasound Results!

Ultrasound last Thursday showed ONE perfect little bean!  Heard the heartbeat, always amazing :)  I am so happy for K & H, they are going to be parents before we know it!  We are now hoping for a very uneventful 8 more months.

I am 7 weeks as of yesterday and doing very well.  No more spotting scares, morning sickness is bearable.  Fatigue is my worse symptom.. can't wait for that second trimester energy!  Or just getting off the meds!  Still on estradiol 3x and crinone 2x everyday and will be glad to be done with them. 

I have another ultrasound scheduled this Thursday to see how the Swede is growing.  Instead of a grain of rice it will be the size of a jelly bean!!  They grow so fast :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Another Beta number!

Had my bloodwork appointment yesterday and at 19dp5dt and hcg level was at 17,408!  Very good (and high) number!  Ultrasound is Feb 7th, so just a week of waiting to see what the heck is going on in there! 

I am feeling good.  Tired as hell but overall okay.  Had some spotting yesterday, which I have been assured can be normal so am trying not to worry. 

Will update after the ultrasound next week!

Friday, January 25, 2013

So how pregnant is she???

Beta is in everyone and the answer to that question is VERY!  Number is... 1816!!! Wow! I am 13dp5dt, and THAT is a super duper high number considering we only put in ONE lovely embryo.  Now even more anxious waiting till the 6 week ultrasound, would have been anxiously waiting anyway but now there is the question of whether we have a splitter!  Surrogacy sure keeps you wondering!

In other news, how long is SMO going to be down!! I think I'm having withdrawals!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I suck at updating my blog!

Thought I'd just get that fact out of the way with the title, hehe, now for the updating!  My belly is no longer a pin cushion, lupron shots are long behind me.  I started a regimen of just estradiol 3x day and crinone 2x day on Jan 6th, which is what I am currently at for meds.
Egg retreival from the donor was on the 7th and they got 12 eggs fertilized!  6 embryos made it to day 5, one was transferred, and 5 totcicles are frozen if we need them! 

Allen and I headed to Pittsburgh Airport on Jan 9th (his b-day), barely caught our flight - we were late and had to run on the moving sidewalk, I felt like a superhero!  Once on the plane, Allen informed me that Lynn Swan was sitting behind me and proceeded to peer at him creepily over his shoulder the whole flight :)

Landed at LaGuardia and Allen followed Lynn Swan into the bathroom.. just kidding he didn't.  We went to the little phones and called to see when the shuttle would be there, they said 1/2 hr.. so we waited and waited.. over an hour later our shuttle arrived and we had it filled up for the long drive to Stamford.  Finally at about 10pm we got to our hotel, STARVING.  Popped open the laptop and ordered some Hawaiian pizza and salad, delivered to our hotel room shortly after - woohoo!

Next day I had my final monitoring appointment at NEFI, so we walked the 5 blocks or so down to the clinic.  After a quick ultrasound and blood draw (lining was at 10) we decided to continue to downtown since it was pretty nice out.  Eventually we ended up at the Stamford Mall, all 7 levels of it.  Shopped and stuff for a few hours then started walking back towards our hotel.  We ended up walking about four hours that day. Wow..  On the way back we stopped and ate at IHOP which was very close to our hotel.

Got the call Thursday night that transfer was going to be on Sat at 10am so decided we were going to go to NYC on Friday!  Well we kept bumming around so didn't start heading out till 12, hopped on the bus to the train station, then caught the first train to Grand Central Terminal!  We got into the city about 1:30, proceeded to be overwhelmed by everything, then asked someone how to get to Rockefeller Plaza so we could go to the Top of the Rock .  The view was amazing!  There I bought a map of Manhattan so we weren't completely lost.

From there we went to Bryant Park, then Times Square.  While in Times Square I bought some tickets to Laugh.NY comedy club for the show at 7pm.  Well instead of taking the subway we decided we would walk - well this girl didn't properly read the map and /or tickets because we ended up on East 78th St.  Instead of West 78th St. Very Very far from where we needed to be.. central park separated us.  At this point we were SOAKING wet because we got caught in a downpour so we said eff it and headed back to grand central station.  Needless to say we got ALOT of exercise and saw alot of the city, lol.  Total walking time, like 6 1/2 hours.  Also I have 2 tickets to Laugh.NY if anyone is interested :)

Now back to the important stuff - Transfer Day!  I had to be down at the clinic at 9:30am.  Got our gowns and booties on and headed on in.  Procedure was done in a sterile operating type room, there were a few nurses, Dr. Lavy, and our Ip's on skype.  It was quick and painless and only took about 5 minutes.  Seriously.. that was it.  Afterwards I went to recovery to lay flat for an hour, then after that back to the hotel till Monday morning on "bed-rest".  Watched alot of netflix, slept alot, good times!

Monday morning we headed back and had an uneventful trip.  We were joyfully reunited with our children!  Was a success!

Since then I have scrutinized every symptom, I had twinges and mild cramping, was SUPER tired, the vivid dreams have started back up..  feeling pregnant.  Then last Thursday the 17th at 5dp5dt I got my first super faint BFP!  Since then I have got many more increasingly dark home pregnancy tests!!! 
Next up is the blood test to confirm which was going to be today but had to reschedule to tomorrow.  Hoping its a good strong number, followed by another that at least doubles to show this pregnancy is viable.

So that is where we are at.  I am pregnant and hoping the little bean decided to hang out with me the next 9 months, tomorrow will be the moment of truth - or at least one of them, lol.  So happy things are going SO well so far!!  So happy for my sweet IP's, everyone deserves a family!

I will definitely update tomorrow with my BETA numbers - I promise!!