Thursday, December 20, 2012

First monitoring appointment.. check!

So I had my first appointment in Wexford bright and early yesterday morning!  Had to be there at 8:30 so had to leave my house by 6:45 am.  Nothing like driving 3 hours total for a 25 minute appointment ;)

Had my blood drawn and ultrasound done to make sure everything is on track for our Jan transfer.  Got the call from NEFI about noon that everything looked GREAT and was instructed to start the estradiol today, 3 pills a day.  So currently I take my prenatal vitamins in the morning, an estradiol pill(estrogen hormone) morning, noon and night and my 10 iu Lupron injection before going to sleep.

Next step is another monitoring appointment 12/26.  I now just refer to Wednesdays as "Poke and Prod" day :)  We will be seeing how thick the lining is after a week on estrogen and see if we need to change the amount if it isn't thickening fast enough.

The lupron shots are no big deal now.  My belly is a little sore from being a pin cushion, but not too bad.  Continuing on with them for awhile longer.  Transfer is getting so CLOSE!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012


My meds are here!! Along with all my little needles, hehe.  I'm so excited I just want to stab myself right this instant I say!!

Anyway, I start Lupron injections this coming Sunday the 9th, start Estradiol about the 20th per instruction, I have three monitoring appointments in Wexford in the next month and am preparing for transfer Jan 11th or 12th!!  So exciting :)  Endomettrin will be added sometime before transfer but I haven't got that yet.  So yeah, I am sooo ready to get all knocked up in a little over a month - woohoo! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Medical Screening

Okay, okay.. I have been a very bad blogger!!  I swear I have good intentions, just always seems to be something more urgent needing my attention.

As far as this journey:  We are hoping to transfer one embryo by the end of this year.. SOON!  Allen and I traveled to CT on Nov. 6th and 7th (and 8th) to get our blood work done and my medical screening done.  Our appointment was at 8 am, we both got our bloodwork done, then we met our IP's!!  After chatting for a bit the nurse took me to do the saline sonohystergram, where they fill my uterus up with saline solution and do an ultrasound to check it all out.  I have been deemed to have "a lovely cavity" so there, ha!
After that I got to meet Dr. Lavy, and we talked about what to expect.  Also I had a medication review class with the nurse to go over the many fertility meds I will be taking.  Good news: No big needles!  Their protocol does not include the dreaded PIO (progesterone in oil) shot.  I still have to do injections but they are with the tiny needles like used for insulin.. no biggie.  No muscle injections! Yippee!

After our appointment was over around noon our IP's treated us to a wonderful lunch at a nice Italian restaurant.. along with my IF's cousin, can't forget him!  He was their navigational expert, lol.  His home in Scranton is their USA home base so he is important to our journey as well!
They are very sweet people. Filled with optimism and positivity, and I have no doubt they will be loving, inspirational parents. :)  Can't wait to make it happen..

So everything was going great.. and then the snowstorm hit.  The shuttle picked us up at 3 to head back to LaGuardia airport in NYC, about 1/2 way there and we were practically in a whiteout!  Our driver got us safely to our destination a couple hours before our plane was set to leave but we were starting to get nervous as flight after flight was being canceled.  Then ours was delayed...only 45 minutes.  Then they announced our plane had been diverted to Boston..  but then it came back yay!  And right about then at 830pm they announced that every departing flight had been canceled... Crap!

We got rebooked for a 7:15 am flight.  We debated on trying to find somewhere to stay, but with our flight leaving so early we decided we were camping at the airport!  Just as we were set to find a corner to set up in, a man asked if we were staying at the airport.  When we said yes, he informed us he was gathering people to take to another terminal where they were setting up cots with blankets and pillows.  Well that sounded better than the floor! 
So we went to stand in the line of people he was "gathering".  Well we waited, and waited and noone was announcing anything or giving us any updates.. when suddenly the same man slid quietly up to us and whispered "they told me to get a busload then they changed their mind, go outside and get on bus A or B and go to terminal B, do NOT tell them I sent you, just say you need a place to sleep. Do you understand?".  Umm yeah, sure, okay. 
So we did what he said and went to terminal B only to find nothing so we asked some lady who worked there and she ended up sending us "back an empty hallway to an escalator with a US airlines sign near it and go to the third floor".
We went up the escalator and towards the parking garage - then.. whew COTS, yay!  Hundreds of them lined up on the walls!   So we were one of the lucky ones who got a bed that night :)

The next morning we went back to our terminal and got thru security again...  flights were again being canceled left and right but ours remained on time luckily!  Then as we were boarding Allen's boarding pass was denied so he had to step aside while I waited in the tunnel to the plane.  After about 10 minutes they finally let him board!
The flight to Pittsburgh and drive home were uneventful and we sure were glad to be home!  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moving Along!

Things are moving right along!  I have my trip plans to the clinic for my screening, we are going beginning of Nov.  Best part?  My IP's are coming to get his screening done same time - So we all get to meet in person!!!

This will be our first flight, first trip to NYC, first visit to a fertility clinic to discuss becoming pregnant with someone elses baby!!  So exciting!

I've also just received the first draft of contracts,  morbid having to think of every single thing that could go wrong, but it is necessary to cover every base.  So, contracts should be done before too long as well!

Started birth control pills today, first step of meds - kinda.  We have to synch up our cycles to be able to transfer at the optimal time and this is part of how they will do that.  Yay!

That is all for today, I'm putting a pretty picture of the horses on here - just for the hell of it :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

I am officially MATCHED!!!

After obsessing over each others profiles and an awkward first blind date via SKYPE, I am officially matched with a lovely couple from Sweden!  They are awesome and I can't wait to help make them parents.

Next steps are contracts and  flying to CT for my medical screening at New England Fertility.  It is moving along now and if everything goes smoothly (and I get pregnant first try)  we should be welcoming their baby by the end of next year!

In other news, Sadie had a nice birthday party on Saturday, and we all had a great time at the Pittsburgh Zoo yesterday despite getting rained on.  The weather ended up being perfect after the little downpour so it all worked out.

I go back to work Thursday so I have a few more days off :)  Haven't really got a lot done on my vacation, been super lazy, but oh well.  Tomorrow Dane has flag football practice so that will be fun !

Well that is it for an update, I just really wanted to let everyone know that I have IP's that I will be having a baby for (they only want to try for one).  I don't want to say too much about them to respect their privacy but they really are two intelligent, educated people who will make fantastic parents!  Circle really does know how to match people up :)

Till next time..

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthdays and Tests and oh yeah..... Potential IP's!!!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday - Holy crap how did that happen?  My mom got me a kick-ass new computer chair, Allen got me a heated blanket and a new coffee mug (plus we went and ate some chinese food while mom stayed with the kiddos).

Seriously do they want me to never get up and do housework again?  I'm gonna just be sitting in my new chair with my heated blanket and never get up.  This could be a disaster!

So.. as far as the surrogacy..  I HAVE AN IP PROFILE!!  They seem really great and my profile has been sent to them.. and now we continue to wait :)  It was sent out yesterday about 11, so it would have been 5 pm where they are.  If they decide they like me as well our next step is a meeting via SKYPE!  I know it is a huge decision for them so I am being patient.

Also I took the lovely MMPI test this morning.  Here's hoping I'm not a wackadoodle.  I took it fast because I knew if I started over analyzing the questions I would probably screw up the results, so I just picked the answer that I first thought.  We had some technical difficulties getting set up for the "live" meeting, first my cam and mic were messing up, then the Doctor's were messing up..ugh!
Then my normally well behaved laptop went crazy and was "not responding" to anything!  I ended up having to shut everything out and logging back in and started over - took a good 20 mins, but we made it!

In other news, my baby turns 3 years old tomorrow!!  I just can't believe it.  She was also incredibly well behaved during my test with the Doc this morning!  Toy Story 3 did a good job babysitting, lol.  She loves that movie and hasn't seen it in awhile so I knew it would hold her attention, I just expect it to for the entire hour+.

Sadie is a sweet, silly girl with a wild streak.  I love her to pieces and think everyone should have the chance to know this kind of joy!  Its my plan to help at least one deserving couple out with that :)

                                                           Sadie Grace

This pic is probably a month old but I assure you she looks the same :)  I would take a new pic right now but as usual she is naked!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Here we go!

Well, well, well...  So I want to write a blog.  I have decided to start this blog because of my desire to inform others as well as remember the details of my upcoming surrogacy journey.  Not that that is all I'll be talking about I'm sure.  But that is what has fueled the creation.. and it's certainly what fills my thoughts lately. 

So...  I am in the process of becoming a gestational surrogate!  What that means is I am going to help a couple dealing with infertility by having their baby(s) transferred into my uterus to be carried and delivered.  That is a super simplified version of this process by the way :)

I have been accepted so far by Circle Surrogacy.  They have received all my medical records, I have had psychological screening, as well as Allen, I have a pre-approved Surrogate Maternity Insurance policy and they have decided I'm not unstable and will be a good surro!

I have completed and returned the Commitment Letter and now I wait for the MMPI test to be prepared for me.  Next step is MATCHING!

Can't wait - unfortunately in surrogate land EVERYTHING is hurry up and wait :(

As to why I (a seemingly sane individual) would want to carry a baby for strangers..
1)  I am going to help someone have a family.  I am going to help people who want nothing more than to have a child of their own to love, realize that dream.  It's going to change lives.  Not only will I be helping them have children, I am basically giving them the chance to also have grandchildren someday!  Not only that I will be helping the IP's parents also become grandparents!!  It is a huge honor and responsibility to be trusted with that dream.
2)   I freaking LOVED being pregnant.  I know that seems really weird for alot of people, but I truly mean it.  I know I'm a freak :)  I had a fairly easy time of it, and the thought of never being prego again makes me seriously sad.  Hence how I got into all this in the first place I suppose.  There's just something about growing a human beneath your heart.  Simply amazing.
3)  The money.  We are going in circles trying to pay off our debt.  I desperately want to be a stay at home mom within the next few years, and with the debt hanging over us I don't see it actually happening in the time frame I want it to.  I want to actually be there for my kids during their school years, when I think its most important.  Working full time makes me tired and grumpy, I can't keep up with the housework and finances, now adding to that schoolwork.  The compensation would give us some breathing room and freedom, and allow us to have more time to enjoy our kids when they are young, and as a family.

No,  I haven't entered into this journey on a whim.  This has been festering in the back of my brain since I had Sadie 3 years ago as a serious thing I might someday do, and I first looked into it all after I had Dane 6 years ago. So yeah.. I've given it some thought.

I am very excited to be moving forward with this and can't wait to match and meet my IP's!  Hopefully I will be able to hand them a precious child who can someday do things like this to their home:

Because I'm nice like that :)
Yes, that is a five pound bag of flour.
Gooood Times  :)

So Freakin excited!!!!

Follow along with me if you want, it's about to get interesting!