Monday, September 24, 2012

Here we go!

Well, well, well...  So I want to write a blog.  I have decided to start this blog because of my desire to inform others as well as remember the details of my upcoming surrogacy journey.  Not that that is all I'll be talking about I'm sure.  But that is what has fueled the creation.. and it's certainly what fills my thoughts lately. 

So...  I am in the process of becoming a gestational surrogate!  What that means is I am going to help a couple dealing with infertility by having their baby(s) transferred into my uterus to be carried and delivered.  That is a super simplified version of this process by the way :)

I have been accepted so far by Circle Surrogacy.  They have received all my medical records, I have had psychological screening, as well as Allen, I have a pre-approved Surrogate Maternity Insurance policy and they have decided I'm not unstable and will be a good surro!

I have completed and returned the Commitment Letter and now I wait for the MMPI test to be prepared for me.  Next step is MATCHING!

Can't wait - unfortunately in surrogate land EVERYTHING is hurry up and wait :(

As to why I (a seemingly sane individual) would want to carry a baby for strangers..
1)  I am going to help someone have a family.  I am going to help people who want nothing more than to have a child of their own to love, realize that dream.  It's going to change lives.  Not only will I be helping them have children, I am basically giving them the chance to also have grandchildren someday!  Not only that I will be helping the IP's parents also become grandparents!!  It is a huge honor and responsibility to be trusted with that dream.
2)   I freaking LOVED being pregnant.  I know that seems really weird for alot of people, but I truly mean it.  I know I'm a freak :)  I had a fairly easy time of it, and the thought of never being prego again makes me seriously sad.  Hence how I got into all this in the first place I suppose.  There's just something about growing a human beneath your heart.  Simply amazing.
3)  The money.  We are going in circles trying to pay off our debt.  I desperately want to be a stay at home mom within the next few years, and with the debt hanging over us I don't see it actually happening in the time frame I want it to.  I want to actually be there for my kids during their school years, when I think its most important.  Working full time makes me tired and grumpy, I can't keep up with the housework and finances, now adding to that schoolwork.  The compensation would give us some breathing room and freedom, and allow us to have more time to enjoy our kids when they are young, and as a family.

No,  I haven't entered into this journey on a whim.  This has been festering in the back of my brain since I had Sadie 3 years ago as a serious thing I might someday do, and I first looked into it all after I had Dane 6 years ago. So yeah.. I've given it some thought.

I am very excited to be moving forward with this and can't wait to match and meet my IP's!  Hopefully I will be able to hand them a precious child who can someday do things like this to their home:

Because I'm nice like that :)
Yes, that is a five pound bag of flour.
Gooood Times  :)

So Freakin excited!!!!

Follow along with me if you want, it's about to get interesting!


  1. So excited to hear more about your journey! I admire what you are doing. Great first post!!

  2. I'm SOOO looking forward to following your journey Carrie!

    And that picture? Yeah, that's awesome and although I would have FREAKED if that were to happen in my house, I can totally see how playing in 5 pounds of flour would be fun. It's SO soft! :-)

    THRILLED you've started this blog!

    1. It definitely rendered me speechless.. and the first thing I did was grab the camera. It IS SOOO soft! I may or may not have built a mountain with it while cleaning it up :)

      I am excited to be moving forward!

  3. Replies
    1. I'm excited to follow your journey as well Jean!

  4. Carrie, this is a WoNDERFUL thing u have decided to endure.. I am proud of u and hope it will bring u and the prospective parents that over-whelming joy that u all so deserve!! Best of luck.. Love u

    1. Thanks Aunt Ginny! I appreciate the support :)