Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthdays and Tests and oh yeah..... Potential IP's!!!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday - Holy crap how did that happen?  My mom got me a kick-ass new computer chair, Allen got me a heated blanket and a new coffee mug (plus we went and ate some chinese food while mom stayed with the kiddos).

Seriously do they want me to never get up and do housework again?  I'm gonna just be sitting in my new chair with my heated blanket and never get up.  This could be a disaster!

So.. as far as the surrogacy..  I HAVE AN IP PROFILE!!  They seem really great and my profile has been sent to them.. and now we continue to wait :)  It was sent out yesterday about 11, so it would have been 5 pm where they are.  If they decide they like me as well our next step is a meeting via SKYPE!  I know it is a huge decision for them so I am being patient.

Also I took the lovely MMPI test this morning.  Here's hoping I'm not a wackadoodle.  I took it fast because I knew if I started over analyzing the questions I would probably screw up the results, so I just picked the answer that I first thought.  We had some technical difficulties getting set up for the "live" meeting, first my cam and mic were messing up, then the Doctor's were messing up..ugh!
Then my normally well behaved laptop went crazy and was "not responding" to anything!  I ended up having to shut everything out and logging back in and started over - took a good 20 mins, but we made it!

In other news, my baby turns 3 years old tomorrow!!  I just can't believe it.  She was also incredibly well behaved during my test with the Doc this morning!  Toy Story 3 did a good job babysitting, lol.  She loves that movie and hasn't seen it in awhile so I knew it would hold her attention, I just expect it to for the entire hour+.

Sadie is a sweet, silly girl with a wild streak.  I love her to pieces and think everyone should have the chance to know this kind of joy!  Its my plan to help at least one deserving couple out with that :)

                                                           Sadie Grace

This pic is probably a month old but I assure you she looks the same :)  I would take a new pic right now but as usual she is naked!


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