Tuesday, March 12, 2013

11 weeks

I can pretty much sum up the past 4 weeks.  Wake up exhausted, spend the day feeling either very hungry or very naseaus, sometimes at the same time (what kind of hell is that?), struggle to be semi productive, then pass out at night and repeat the next day. 

But now things are looking up!  Spring is in the air, my energy seems to be returning and I'm not sick much anymore!!!!  Also yesterday was my very last day of Meds, I am drug free in 2013!  The baby was looking great 2 weeks ago when we got a peek, and I was released from New England Fertility Institute last week.  So now I am under the care of my OB's and am just a normal pregnant girl! (yeah right) :)

Next up is the NT scan aka first trimester screening on Friday.  I have to go down to Magee's Hospital for this one.  Just hoping all is normal.  After that I have a regular prenatal appointment on the 20th then I won't have to see a Dr. again for a whole MONTH!  I have been to an appointment once a week since early Dec, so that will be a nice break.

I have only gained a couple pounds and not showing yet really.  My work pants are getting a little tighter though.  Since transfer, I have drank almost no soda at all, no sugary coffee, and haven't been eating junk food. 

Well I will update after the scan on Friday, and I'll get a belly shot on here then too.  


  1. I am so super excited for you & your IPs and to follow along on your journey!

  2. Yea for feeling better and saying NO to drugs :-)! Keep up the good work!